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From an early age, I felt a strong attraction towards the beauty that I felt waking up inside me, and that has been growing over the years. I took my first steps in attending the school of art and painting, where I refined my knowledge in the use of colors, materials, and processing techniques. But the fundamental approach with fashion was when I embarked on a career as a wearer and model, and then established myself in the whole-sale world working in Milan and Paris for the most renowned fashion companies. I was able to observe and learn from the great designers the importance of the accessory. From years of experience in the fashion industry, I have become aware of my personal taste and my vision of beauty. I have always been attracted by light and energy magically enclosed in stone. Learning the artisanal techniques handed down to me by my mother, design, and creation of jewelry for my self, over time, has become my passion.

I want to help women to complete their outfit to feel beautiful, happy and self-confident 


In my professional experience, I learned that jewel is the keystone of the look, the rebus that interprets the woman, the code that reveals her personality, and the mirror that highlights her charm. Wearing jewelry is a way to express your personality and aesthetic sense to feel good. Jewelry is also the most transformative accessory that you can wear. They have a magical power to turn even the simplest dress into a super chic dress.

I put the passion that I bring in me at the center of all my creations. Instinctively, each stone inspires a vision, a design, emotion is the workmanship that emphasizes the stone. The shapes, patterns and techniques are chosen to highlight the unique character of each individual stone, its quality, size, color and shades.

Giving soul to the stone through accurate research and performing its transformation with artisan rigor, I created a collection of costume jewelry GLAMIDENTITY jewelry ina precious key of the highest quality, completely handmade. Jewels are made with natural and semi-precious stones adorned with Italian silver in galvanic of yellow and rosé gold.

The collections are limited edition and also boast unique pieces. Jewelry is suitable for both casual and elegant outfits. Through the freeonline advice, you have the opportunity to customize the jewel of your dreams.



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